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The complete hub for links to all of the work published by your ninth favorite freelance DFS writer.

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I love DFS, so writing about it in one form or another has always been something that I was naturally drawn towards. Most of my writing involves:
  • Breaking Down Winning Lineups
  • Creating Your Own Research Routine
  • Learning Proper Bankroll Management
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Six Simple Ways to Improve Your DFS Results

Review Your Results

Rather than rushing right into the next slate, take a few minutes to evaluate your decision making process in hindsight.

Study the Pros

You know those guys at the top of the leaderboard every night? There is an awful lot that we can learn from them.

Bankroll Management

The first rule in stock trading is to avoid losing money. The same principle applies in DFS, and having a plan in place is the first step.

Chat With Friends

Taking on the world of DFS can be a daunting task. But luckily, you don't have to go it alone. Having a network of other improving players can help no matter how good you are.

Plan for Late News

Late breaking news is a fact of life in NBA DFS, and learning to distinguish the signal from the noise here is key.

Fine Tune Your Process

Having a set routine is a great way to make sure your research stays consistent. It can also be a good starting point for future improvements to your process.